Monday, July 23, 2012

To Relieve Mosquito Bites

So this past weekend, I stayed on the Mississippi River. Needless to stay, I was eaten alieve by mosquitos. 
For the next time you find yourself in this situation; here is my personal collection of home remedies, to atleat relieve the itch.
  1. Directly dab on peppermint toothpaste 
  2. Directly apply a lemon slice to affected area
  3. Crush an aspirin and add water to form anti-itching paste
  4. After applying scentless lotion on bite area, rub on table salt
  5. Directly rub on apple cider vinegar
  6. Rub itchy area with the pulpy inside surface of a banana peel
  7. Dab on ammonia
  8. Make anti-itching paste with baking soda and water