Friday, July 6, 2012

FROYO FRIDAY at Yogurt At Its Best

Today, M.Mandolin and I adventured out to Yogurt At Its Best.
I had dulce de leche and chocolate swirled with vanilla yogurt, with chocolate turtles, crushed oreos and toffee (Left). M.Mandolin had cake batter and dulce de leche yogurt, with brownie bites, granola, and cheesecake cubes (Right).

Dulce de leche is typically my all time favorite yogurt, and Yogurt At Its Best did not fail to meet my expectations. The chocolate turtles were deliciously crunchy, and the toffee added a little extra flavor.
I rate today's yogurt: 9 out of 10

M.Mandolin always gravitates toward granola in her yogurt, and claims it's always wonderful, especially with this cake batter yogurt. She says the cheesecake cubes were good, but they didn't compliment well.
M.Mandolin rates today's yogurt: 8 out of 10