Friday, July 20, 2012

FROYO FRIDAY at Beach House

Today, R.Baby-Grand and I adventured out to Beach House.
I had pink lemonade sorbet and fresh strawberries (Left). R.Baby-Grand had dulce de leche with brownie bites and chocolate chips(Right).

After sampling the pink lemonade sorbet, I just had to get a cup full of it, in fear that it wouldn't be available next time (as for this is the first I've seen it). Let me tell you, it was delicious! A tad on the tart side, but none-the-less refreshing. It tasted spot on like lemonade. Perfect for the 118° day we had.
I rate today's yogurt: 10 out of 10

R.Baby-Grand was quite impressed with the brownie bites, claiming they were fresh & moist. However, she regrets getting the chocolate chips as for they were flavorless, and felt like she was eating wax. But of course, the dulce de leche and brownie bites made up for it in flavor.
R.Baby-Grand rates today's yogurt: 8 out of 10