Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY~ Make Your Own Nailpolish

DIY~ Make Your Own Nail Polish!

Things You'll Need:
  • Clear nail polish
  • Eyeshadow of any color
  • Toothpick(s)
  • Paper
  • Funnel (not necessary)
Estimated Time To Make: under half an hour
 (caution: can get messy)


Step 1. Pick up some clear nail polish, and a cheap eyeshadow. (I picked mine up at the dollar store)

 Step 2. Using the toothpick, pick all the eyeshadow out of the container.

 Step 3. Dump all the crumbs on the paper. If there is any clumps, break it up with the toothpick.
 The solution must be all powder for this to work.

 Step 4. Pour the eyeshadow in. The more you add, the more opaque it'll appear on your fingernail.

 Step 5. Using a toothpick, mix the solution in the bottle.

Step 6. Try it out, to see if you like it.
 You can even try mixing other color eyeshadows.