Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Googly Eye-Phone Case

I love my phone, and I love to dress it in new cases. I stumbled across some iPhone 4 cases at my local dollar store and couldn't pass them up. And I'm glad I didn't because this was so fun to make!

Step 1. Thoroughly clean off your phone case with rubbing alcohol.

Step 2. Organize the googly eyes by size.

Step 3. Evenly spread some super glue on the back of your case using an old paint brush.
Note: Super glue is not your friend, and will destroy your paintbrush from future use.

Step 4. Begin to place the googly eyes on the case. While the glue is still wet you can sort of slide the eyes around to position them to your liking. Start with you biggest eyes, and then fill in the spaces using the smaller ones. The tweezers will come in handy for placing the smaller eyes.

Step 5. When you're all done, let the case dry for 24 hours, then snap it on and you're all set!